Of those who died at Thermopylae renowned is their history, noble their fate:
Their grave is an altar; their memorial our mourning; their fate we praise.

Yet the living write history, as the dead cannot speak. Myth is the hidden tale.
Buried within the truth is the region still unexplored, nourished by silence, as there were yet no words to enable us to relate the tale.

Now is the time to reveal the hidden. Those Four Sisters, the hope of Sparta aflame in their hearts,
the fairest the sun ever set eyes upon; Gorgo, Mycale, Salamis and Plataea.

Vengeance their destiny, triumph their fate.

Brea Bennet

Brea Bennett is a cool glass of water that runs very deep. An actress, lyricist, singer and dancer with a passion for performing, who enjoys a good debate on politics, and has a strong spiritual center. — Read More

Renee Perez

Renee Perez is fire and spice. Mysterious and elegant, with a sprinkle of tomboy that is sure to make your pulse pound. She has a body made for sin, and she knows how to use it deliciously. — Read More

Nikki Kane

Nikki Kane fits so well with the Ninn Worx esthetic... She's an artistic soul who enjoys drawing and singing, as well as having an outgoing personality that enjoys the parties and wild nights that being a contract star ensures. — Read More

Nikki Kane

Soulful and sensual are appropriate words for the smoldering beauty that is Cassidey. Yet like all of Ninn Worx_SR's contract girls, she has another side to her personality as well. - — Read More

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